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Books Available in the Resource Library

“For Dummies” Book Series
• Accounting for Dummies, by John A. Tracy CPA
• Business Math for Dummies, by Mary Jane Sterling
• Business Plans for Dummies, by Paul Tiffany PhD & Steven D. Peterson PhD
• Human Resources Kit for Dummies, by Max Messmer
• Nonprofit Kit for Dummies, by Hutton & Phillips
• Small Business Financial Management Kit for Dummies
       by Tage C.Tracy CPA & John A.Tracy CPA
• Successful Presentations for Dummies, by Malcolm Kushner

“Guerilla” Book Series
• Guerilla Advertising, by Jay Conrad Levinson
• Guerilla Finance, by Bruce Blechman and Jay Conrad Levinson
• Guerilla Marketing, by Jay Conrad Levinson
• Guerilla Marketing for the Home-Based Business, Jay Conrad Levinson and Seth Godin
• Guerilla Retailing: Unconventional Weapons and Tactics for Increasing Your Sales,
        by Jay Conrad Levinson, Bill Gallagher, Ph.D., Orvel Ray Wilson

 Accounting Made Simple: Accounting Explained In 100 Pages or Less, by Mike Piper  

Action Plan: New Rules for New Times, by Suze Orman                                               

Comprehensive Guide to Business Incubation, by the NBIA                              

Computer Dictionary – Magazine

Construction Estimating Reference Data, by Ed Sarviel, A.S.P.E.

Consumer Behavior: Building Marketing Strategies, by Irwin McGraw-Hill

Credit Report and Score: Secrets of the Credit Reporting Agencies, by John S.Rhodes

Entrepreneurial Finance: Finance and Business Strategies for the Serious

Entrepreneur, by Steven Rogers

Everyone’s Money Book On Financial Planning, by Jordan E. Goodman

Finance Accounting, How to Keep Books, by Suzanne Caplan

Give ’em The Pickle, by Robert E. Farrell

Guide to Protect Management Body of Knowledge, Project Management Institute

Handbook of Construction Contracting, Vol. 2, by Jack Jones

How to Become an Entrepreneur, by E. James Ujama

HURDLE: The Book on Business Planning, by Tim Berry

I Speak the Language: Survey of Personal Styles Manual

Legal Guide for Running and Starting a Business, by Attorney Fred S. Steingold

Making Up Profit: A Contractors Guide, by Michael Stone

Marketing, by Pride and Ferrell

Marketing an Introduction, by Armstrong and Kotler

Math for Merchandising: Step by Step Approach, by Evelyn C. Moore

PMP Exam Book, by Rita Mulcahy, PMP

Prevailing Wage Rate Laws: Handbook for Oregon Contractors, Subcontractors and

Public Agencies by BOLI

Pricing Strategy: Setting Price Levels, by Tim Smith

Project Management Communication, by Dow Taylor

Real Estate Appraisal, Rockwell Publishing

Restaurant Financial Basics, by Raymond S. Schmidgall, David K. Hayes and Jack D. Ninemeir

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth, by T. Harv Eker

Small Business is Like a Bunch of Bananas: You have to Remove the Peels to Get to the Good Stuff, by Jim Blasingame

Small Time Operation, by Bernard Kamoroff

Steps to Small Business, by Linda Pinson & Jerry Jinnett

The Basic Guide to Selling Arts & Crafts, by James Dillehay

The Credit Process Guide for Small Business, US Bank

The E-Myth: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What To Do About It, by Michael E. Gerber

The Entrepreneur’s Hand Book, by Richard Burskirk

The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management, by Eric Verzuh

The Plan As You Go Business Plan, by Tim Berry

The St Martin’s Guide to Writing, by Rise B. Axelrod

The SBA Loan Book: How to get a Small Business Loan, by Charles Green

The Shortest Book Ever on Savings for Retirement: How to Make Every Dollar Count
in any Financial Climate, by James O’Donnell

The Small Mart Revolution: How Local Businesses are Beating the Global Competition
 by Michael H. Shuman

The Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting and Running a Business, by Steven Mariotti

Three Weeks to Startup, by Tim Berry and Sabrina Parsons

Top Performance: How to Develop Excellence in Yourself and Others, by Zig Ziglar

Up and Running in 30 Days, A Proven Plan for Financial Success in Real Estate by Carla Cross

Updated! Schedule C from A to Z, A Sole Proprietor’s Guide to Tax Savings, by Robert Hughes, CPA

Your Credit Score: How to Improve the 3-Digit Number That Shapes Your Financial Future, by Liz Weston

Children’s Books

Alexander, Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday, by Judith Viorst
Bunny Money, by Rosemary Wells
Cash, Credit Cards or Check: The Book About Payment Methods, by Nancy Loewen
Growing Money: A Complete Investment Guide for Kids, by Gail Karlitz
Kermit the Hermit, by Bill Peet
Money Sense for Kids!, by Hollis Page Harman, PFP
Pennies, Nickels, Quarters, by Mary Hill
Raising Financially Fit Kids, by Joline Godfrey
Rock, Brock, and the Savings Shock, by Sheila Bair
The Berenstain Bears: Dollars and $en$e, by Stan & Jan Berenstain
The New Totally Awesome Business Book for Kids, by Arthur Bochner and Rose Bochner
The Young Investor: Projects and Activities for Making Your Money Grow,
by Katherine R. Bateman
The Penny Pot, by Stuart J. Murphy
The Coin Counting Book, by Rozanne Lanczak Williams
The Everything Kids Money Book, by Brette McWhoter Sember, J.D.


Entrepreneur “How to Start a…” binders


Automobile Detailing Business

Bakery – How to start a bakery                                                               


Bed & Breakfast                                                           

Bridal Consultant (How to Become a…)                          

Business on eBay                                                        

Car Wash                                                                                 

Child Care Service                                                                                

Children’s Apparel Store                                               

Children’s Fitness Center                                                                                  

Cleaning Service                                                          

Coin Operated Laundry                                                                         

Coin Operated Vending                                                                        

Computer Consulting Service                                                                

Consulting Service                                                       

Crafts Business                                                            

Desktop Publishing Business                                                                


Environmental Service                                                              

Family Hair Salon                                                                                 

Food & Party Catering Service                                                  

Freight Brokerage Business                                                                              

Graphic Design                                                                                    

Gift Basket Service                                                                               

Hair Salon                                                                    

Home base Business Resource                                     

Home Health Care Agency                                            

Home Inspection Service                                                          

Import/Export Business                                                            

Internet Entrepreneur (How to Become An…)                  

Janitorial Service

Language Translation Service

Laser Printer Recharging & Repair

Lawn Care Business

Lawn Mower Business

Limousine Service                                                                                

Maid Service

Mail Order Business

Making Money with Your PC     

Medical Claims Processing Business

Micro Brewery

Multimedia Service

Mobile Auto Inspection

Mobile Disc Jockey

Mobile Locksmith

Nail Salon

Network Marketing Business

Pet Shop



Restaurant & Five other Businesses

Retail Store      

Sandwich Shop/Deli

Secretarial Service

Self-Storage Center

Specialty Travel & Tours

Sporting Goods Store

T-Shirt/Screen Print Service

Transportation Services

Travel Agency (X2)

Video Production

Wholesale Distribution Business


 Other Entrepreneur Binders:

 The Small Business Encyclopedia (Volumes 1 – 3): Starting Your Own Business

Bringing Your Product to Market                                               

Creating a Successful Business Plan

Buying a Franchise                                           

Managing Your Small Business

Franchising & Expanding Your Business                       

Successful Sales & Marketing

Starting & Running Your Home-Based Business             

Growing Your Business

Financing Your Small Business

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