If you are thinking about starting a business, Business Development Services is the place to start. The support and guidance is the best!

Dana Quaempts, Owner, Cayuse Country Flowers

I have been very inspired by the Business Development Services staff through their professional and consistent outreach in achieving my personal business goals of becoming a Native American woman small business owner in my community. I can count on them to provide quality services and resources, as well as networking opportunities.

Kathryn J. Burke, Owner, Burke Buckskin Gloves

To anyone who may be exploring the idea of starting their own business, you really should consider taking the Indianpreneurship course. The teachers are incredible! Class material is well-prepared and I really enjoyed everyone in the class. Consider it a must! I’ve had my own business for years but I never really learned how to prepare a business plan. The course gave me an opportunity to explore new ideas to incorporate into my business.

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Margaret Johnson, Owner, Kickinghorse Studio

Thank you for your support, encouragement and expertise – you are amazing! You always take time to listen and provide feedback to make sure we understand our business’s needs and goals. You inspire, motivate and are committed professionally and personally with our business and us. We appreciate you and can honestly say you are one in a million!

Dale and Judy Jenner, Owners, Arrowhead Forestry

I highly recommend using Business Development Services. The team provides exceptional services with a smile. I would like to express my appreciation for the services they provide for the community and surrounding areas. Once again, thanks!

Ellen Taylor, Artist