Our education offerings are designed to help you ensure the viability of your enterprise and refine your focus.  More than 75 percent of new startup businesses fail — usually for reasons we can help you avoid.

We currently have two classes available, each offered twice per year (check the schedule).  Here are the classes we offer:

Exploring Your Business Idea

This introductory class is designed for individuals who want to explore  starting a business. Students assess their skills, examine their product or service ideas, identify potential customers, and evaluate competitors. Class meets one night a week for two weeks.

Indianpreneurship™: “A Native American Journey Into Business”

Indianpreneurship is a culturally relevant 10-week class for Native American entrepreneurs who want to start their own business. The text guides students through a step-by-step process of preparing their written business and  marketing plans while helping to develop the skills and confidence needed to accomplish their entrepreneurial goals. Class meets one night a week for ten weeks.

Indianpreneurship II™ “Growing a Business in Indian Country”

Indianpreneurship II is a 2-year course designed especially for existing Native American small business owners. The stories in the curriculum help owners learn how to take their operation to the next level. This is a practical, hands-on experience for business owners who want to discuss business issues, examine strategies for growth, expansion or change, and discover solutions to common business problems. (not currently being offered — contact us if you are interested)


Our workshops help develop specific relevant business or technical skills.  Check our schedule to see what workshops are coming up.

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